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An Obituary to the Land


Amidst minty juniper shrubs and the canary yellow palo verde trees of New Mexico’s painted desert lie the bodies of thousands of migratory birds.

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7 Ways of Looking at a Mountain

Axon Creative Explorations

The first mountain I summitted, Square Top, towered 1,994 feet above Naylor lake, a private fishing lake where my father was a caretaker in his 20s.

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Dictionary of Hands

Barren Magazine

In the days after my dad died 5 years ago, what I missed most was the way he’d press his wide, heavy hand into the space between my shoulder blades as if he were pressing calm

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Ghost Stories

Trampset Magazine


In Vienna, a city of ghosts, amidst linen-colored marble, it wasn’t the unfamiliarity that discomforted me but knowing this city of ornate

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Interview with Max Porter

Parhelion Literary Magazine

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Market Day

5x5 Magazine

From my bed inside this forgotten and lonely monastery turned into a hotel, I can hear the thump thump of Mayan tortillas being pat.

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Berry Picking

The Grief Diaries

There is a clunky, beige van making its way down a highway in Colorado. One. Two. Three. Ten. Twenty-Eight. Thirty-Four. One hundred and two.

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Girlhood Review

The Rumpus

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White Magic Review

The Rumpus

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I am a graduate of the Mile High MFA at Regis University where I studied non-fiction writing under the direction of David Lazar, Kathryn Winograd, Chip Livingston, and Sophfronia Scott.

I enjoy exploring hybrid forms and hermit crab essays, especially when writing about my grief and the death of my father. Many of my essays are accompanied by illustrations.

I have been published in Barren Creative Nonfiction Magazine, Axon Creative Explorations, 5x5, and more. Read them below.

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