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Prints and Their Makers Review

I have been a fan of Princeton Architectural Press for as long as I can remember. Not only do they have some of the absolute best book covers out there, but they've always published some of the most amazing design books out there. These are a few of my favorites:

I can now officially add Prints and their Makers by Phil Sanders to that list. I've followed Sanders for some time and have always loved not only his work, but his breadth of knowledge of printmaking and it's history. In Prints and their Makers, he places today's fine art pintmaking in the context of printing traditions and techniques developed over more than a thousand years and takes readers on a tour of the top printmaking workshops around the world.

From the minute you open the book, it's clear how much Sanders knows about the history of printmaking, and this is maybe my favorite aspect of the book. Printmaking has such a rich history, with forms of printing existing since the first century CE, it's amazing to read about types of printing that I didn't even know existed. Sanders uses this history as a thread that connects contemporary works to historic traditions, techniques, artists, and publishers. After reading through everything, this is a book I wished had been assigned to me in my printmaking classes in college. Engaging explanations take readers through the seven major printmaking processes: Relief, Intaglio, Chine Colle, Photogravure, Lithography, Monotype/Monoprint, and Screenprint.

This is probably a good time to bring up the quality of photographs and prints displayed in the book, because they are damn good. I was introduced to so many new printmakers that I can now say I'm thoroughly obsessed with through Prints and their Makers. There are historical prints and writing about artists Albrecht Duerer and Sister Corita Kent among others. There are more than 100 contemporary artists featured in the book including William Kentridge, Polly Apfelbaum, Julie Mehretu, Richard Serra, Glenn Ligon (OMG, so so so good) , Will Cotton, Nicole Eisenman, John Baldessari, Chakaia Booker (I am utterly obsessed!), and Elizabeth Peyton.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, this is absolutely the type of book that any artist (whether they're a seasoned printmaker or not) would cherish. I know that I'll mine it for inspiration and ideas for years to come.


Prints and Their Makers

Phil Sanders

ISBN: 978-1-61689-818-2

9x12 | 320 pgs | 310 Color and 90 B&W illustrations

$75.00 | Hardcover

Pub date: October 27, 2020


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