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Nothing compares to the rosy alpenglow on the granite face of a mountain, or turning a bend into a field of wildflowers, or finding that absolutely perfect eddy to cast your fly into. It's these experiences that help us to write that one perfect sentence and paint that painting you've been thinking about. Being outdoors nourishes our creative essence, it feeds our souls.

Wherever you are. Whatever trails you find yourself on. Whatever pages you write, or drawings you draw, we’re here to bring those things together for you. We're here to craft a community of women who want to tie their love of the outdoors to their creativity. A community of like-minded women who can inspire and motivate each other to reach our true creative potential.

Maybe you’ve been sketching riverside for years. Maybe you feel a yearning to spend sunrise on an empty trail before pulling out your notebook to write at an alpine lake. Maybe you want to be able to share those experiences with other, creative women who support and inspire you. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help nourish your soul with towering evergreens, babbling brooks and lots and lots of creativity.

We're sisters who grew up in an artsy family that valued exploration and time outside above all else. Hannah took up fly fishing after her dad died as a way of maintaining a connection with him. She loves fly tying, watercolor painting, and crafting with like-minded women. Hannah is also a special education teacher.  Kateri is an avid hiker and sometimes rock climber. She has an MFA in creative writing and mostly writes about how the outdoors helped her through the grief of losing her father. She is a professional illustrator and is newbie ceramicist. 






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