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Hope hates ballet. In fact, she hates ballet so much, there’s only one thing she hates more—the
pandemic. When the pandemic is over, Hope longs to spend time with her mother again. Hope
decides to audition for a role in The Nutcracker ballet—a holiday tradition she and her mother
shared in years past. But Hope’s dreams fall flat when her mother is prevented from attending
opening night. Disappointed and hating ballet more than ever, Hope wanders deep into the
basement of the theater, where she discovers a forgotten treasure. Hope’s curiosity leads her
to a world turned on its head—a world in which the Rat King has won the battle against the
Nutcracker Prince and the Sugar Plum Fairy are routinely insulted by crowds of mice. With the
help of friends along the way, Hope learns how to cope with change, stepping into a new role
to face the Rat King and save the Nutcracker Prince. When the battle is over and the dust has
settled, Hope encounters a powerful magician who holds the key to reuniting with her mother.

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